Saturday, March 1, 2014

beth march.

since we last spoke, i had the opportunity of becoming a march sister once more.
"little women, the musical" was last year's holiday show. 
this show has been on my dream list ever since i saw it performed 6 years ago.
if you remember, i did have the chance to play jo march in the play version, a few years back. 

this time around was a WHOLE new experience.
not only was there new music and dancing...but i played beth march.
the sweetest and best part i've ever had.

the 4 march sisters connected with such a close bond.
it was such an honor to work with each of them.
and grow to love them so very much.

here is a small clip from one of my favorite scenes in the show:

(and here is a link to see a full preview video of the other cast)

so many dear and precious memories for probably the best show i've EVER been a part of.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

real talk.

after living in a small town my whole life, this move to the "big city" has been a bit tricky.
i literally live in a building with a lot of people i don't even know.
sometimes when i'm walking out of my apartment, my neighbor is walking out of his.
our pleasant smile exchanges are merely acknowledgements of "hello strange person i've never met and don't necessarily feel the need to meet but i actually live mere feet from...have a nice day."

another problem that's arisen since "the move"?
since "the move" i have:

  • been pulled over.
  • had my car break down.
  • gotten a red light ticket.
  • been in a car wreck.
  • had my car break down. again.
  • gotten a mean note on my windshield wiper concerning my bad parking skills.

apparently driving 2 hours daily to get to work for a year was not acceptable preparation for "big city" living.

but you know what's cool about adult life?
i'm learning to deal with some pretty intense stuff.
like...dealing with broken utilities.
and understanding how to pay bills.
and throwing away phone books and flyers left on the doorstep.

i'm still working on mastering the whole chores thing.
like being in charge of washing dishes and taking out trash and being responsible about the sour milk in the fridge.
i'm not good at that.
my flat mate (what do you call them when you don't share rooms, but an apartment? flat mate sounds so snobbish) does so much better at it and i owe her many a trip to the dumpster.
you don't even want to know how long i left the rotting carved pumpkin by the door after halloween.

but cool is it that i'm experiencing all of this LIFE?!
sometimes i feel like i'm just playing house and how truly ridiculous it is for me to be out on my own.
i still ignore phone calls half the time because i don't have the courage to talk to people...but i know how to pay bills?
i've been given such a cool opportunity, and it may not be the sort of thing everyone my age is supposed to be doing: college, dorms, classes.
but that's ok.
i love it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

adult life.

let's chat about adult life for a moment, shall we?

when you move out of your house you know life will never be the same.
you realize that there will soon be bills to pay.
that everything will feel like it's breaking at once.
and suddenly you're paying for repairs left and right (laptop, car, your back).
sure you know about taking out the trash (but did you remember to actually buy a trash can?).

but there are a few things you never think about...until they actually happen.
and i'm here to save you from those surprises.
because, life is hard. 

the grocery store.
normal stuff...not too many difficult decisions.
that is...until the cereal aisle.
do you remember going down the cereal aisle as a kid...dreaming of the day you'd have the freedom to choose any delightfully, sugar-y cereal that you wanted?
the day had finally come.
i'd never felt more overwhelmed about a decision in my life.
and in desperation...i chose fruit loops.
i had the freedom to choose any cereal on the cereal aisle that i wanted...and i chose...fruit loops.

and that's just the beginning!

do you know what else is hard about adult life?
milk is one of those things that just always appeared in your refrigerator at home.
you were never sure how it got there.
or when it was replaced.
but it was always there.
suddenly you're living alone...and there's no milk.
you never realize how often you need milk until it's NOT THERE.
also...milk goes bad so fast!
and how do you know what kind to get?? 
whole milk tastes like butter and skim tastes like creamy water!

and that bug? 
there's literally no one BUT YOU available to kill it. 
...adulting creates murderers of us all...

to be continued (i'm sure)

Monday, September 30, 2013

too darn hot.

i don't know about you, but i'm definitely ready for some "fall" weather.
this texas heat has gone on LONG ENOUGH.
sweaters, boots, legwarmers, and hats are calling my name.'s too darn hot.

that's a song from the show i'm in currently.
(see what i did there?)

(i'm in the striped peplum blouse)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'M IN A SHOW...again.

so i'm in a show again!
it may not seem like a long time...but it's been MONTHS.
i'm playing lois/bianca in "kiss me kate" at the artisan. 
it's a show within a show...basically a 1950's theatre troupe putting on a musical version of "the taming of the shrew."

i wear wigs.
i dance.
i have a new york accent.
all the boys want to marry me.
it's a grand time.

this has most definitely been one of THE most challenging roles i've faced.
there's a lot of belting.
SO much dancing.
and my character is...well...different than my usual type.
and i've LOVED the challenge!

p.s. i'm also in the promo video:

Monday, August 5, 2013

apartment sweet apartment.

hey guys...just a little update...
more soon. :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

behind the scenes wedding prep.

i was just going through pictures from the wedding 2 months ago (how is that even possible?!) and found some that were never prep and the like.
so here they are! :)

above: crafting wedding gifts for atlanta and jordan.

the "day of" emergency kit that i started for atlanta.
it actually came in handy a few times!

ironing my dress (both the night before pictures and the night before the actual wedding).
if you've never ironed a civil war dress, you don't truly understand what a huge task this is.

decorating the venue all afternoon (after the rehearsal luncheon).

driving down neighborhoods seeing if anyone would be cool with us cutting down a few small branches of their trees' blossoms.
we found a sweet family who were totally fine with it and got quite a few!
see above also, my slightly OCD piles of blossoms...organized, obviously, by size. 

catching up with old friends i haven't seen in YEARS!!

turns out i'm the most awkward bridesmaid of all time and make strange faces while rushing down the aisle because OMG EVERYONE'S STARING!
also known as...the wedding rehearsal.

driving to the cabin where the wedding was to be held in a little over an hour. 

more pictures soon, i'm sure!
rebecca jane

p.s. if you want to see the full story, pictures, etc...head over to the bride's WEBSITE.