Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peru Mission Trip Part 2

July 11
Today was a day of mixed emotions, I was happy...but sad: it was our last ministry day. I'm happy to go home on the plane tomorrow, but sad to leave the Peruvian people and my new friends.

The day started off like every other day...we sang the morning song:

Verse 1:
Way up in the sky
The little birds fly
Way down in the nest
The little birds rest
With a wing on the left
And a wing on the right
The cute little birds
Sleep all through the night
Shhh, they're sleeping

Verse 2:
The bright sun comes up
The dew falls away
"Good morning, good morning"
The little birds say

Verse 3:
The farner comes out
With shotgun in hand
"Boom, boom! Boom, boom!
No birds on my land!"
"Aha, aha, you missed me that time!"
"Boom, boom! Boom, boom!
I got you that time!"

Verse 4:
The maggots crawl in
The maggots crawl out
They twist and they turn
And they eat your guts out!

I know, I know, it's a crazy song...

Today we were supposed to stop and perform at three different schools.

Well our first performance was our best that we've ever done! When we had the alter call, all of the kids came down, not exactly to pray but to meet the cast of the drama. I do believe there were several who accepted Christ though. At the last place we stopped there was a little boy named Pierro who was so cute, and smart. Well, he practically fell in love with was adorable!

Tonight at FUAGNEM, Susie Shellenberger announced that there had been 7,171 salvations these past two weeks!!! How amazing! Tonight was also crazy hair was lots of fun. I call my look the "Gibson girl toothbrush look".

July 12
Today we went shopping at the Indian Market. I got everyone something, except for Michelle (my little sister) and was freaking out because we were running out of time and I couldn't find a cute doll (cheap). So we were heading to the bus, and I was practically in tears because I didn't have anything to give to my little sister! Anyways, one of the translators that had been with my groups while we were shopping comes out holding out this little doll! And I was so happy that I nearly got run over by a bus! Hahaha...

At out last FUAGNEM we found out that their had been even more salvations and that the total was now 7,236!!!! How amazing God is!

July 13
Well we arrived in Miami early this morning and I was going to have to wait until 6 at night before my flight left for DFW, but when I was checking my bag in, the lady asked if I would like an earlier flight. I was like sure!!! So she gave me a flight that left in 30 minutes!!! I had to hurry and say my goodbyes, go through security, and run to my gate! When I got there, I looked at my ticket and there was no seat number on it. I thought maybe it was a mistake so I went to the desk and asked the lady and she says, " are on standby" etc. So I was so scared I would not be able to make it on that flight (I especially didn't want to have to go back because one of the leaders that had been on my team turned out to be going on the same flight that I was on standby for). Thank goodness the lady finally called my name and I got a seat number!

I was so happy to see my family when I was going down the escalator!!! And I am glad to be home.

I had the best time and I got to see God working in such amazing ways!!! I feel so blessed that I got to be part of such an incredible adventure!!!

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