Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Peru Mission Trip

Hello everyone! This is my first entry in my blog and I thought I'd write about my mission trip in Peru.

June 30
Well I am here at the hotel. I have met 2 of my roommates and several people on my team. Everyone is very nice, especially our team leader Danny. I was very nervous this morning, but now I am just excited! But I am VERY hungry!!! The flight was a little over 2 hours.

July 3
Well we have been busy rehearsing the drama that we are doing: Spellbound, Toymaker and Son...I am a mime. We arrived in Lima early this morning and we have been napping ever since.

I just got back from dinner and it was...different. Ummm, it was okay. We are off to practice the drama a few more times before we leave to perform it tomorrow. I have met somre really great people and my roommates are nice too. I am in room 406 and all my other frends on my team are like our next door neighbors.

This morning, at around 5 am, we arrived in Lima, Peru. We had to wait FOREVER to get our bags and to go through customs. We were all SO tired because we had been up all night! We had to be in the bus for a while to get from the hotel in Miami to the airport.

July 4
Happy fourth of July!!! Wow, what a day it has been ! We just got back from our first day in the city and let me tell you...it was crazy! When we got up, we went to breakfast and then to our team meeting. We found out that our speaker was broken, which meant we couldn't do our drama. Finally we got a new one that did work and we got sent off to Lima.

In the bus, we met our translators and learned "The Morning Song". We arrived at a mini futbol field. We started going in small groups to nearby people invinting them to see the drama. Then we got dressed and put on our make-up. After that, we performed the drama.

One of the things I have to do as a mime is have a money bag and the prince has to take from me...well, more like yank it from me. Anyways, I had my hair in two braids today and Chris, the prince, pulled one of my braids instead of the money bag...accidently. I nearly started laughing!!!

Well, after the drama, we were supposed to go out into the crowd and ask if they understood the drama. Right when I walked up, this little girl runs over and hugs me! A little while later, we washed and braided little children's hair. When I went back on the bus, I grabbed some stickers and bracelets to give out. Well, I was mauled by little children and their mothers!!! I kind of felt like I was in a horror movie.

Well we played all different games...like "perro, perro, ganzo" but it is actually supposed to be "pato, pato, ganzo", though we didn't realize it until later that day. While we were playing duck, duck, goose...I told a little girl sitting beside me that I liked her princess sticker. Well she took it off and gave it to me! Well, I thought it was the sweetest thing, so I gave her one of the bracelets that I had left. Well she didn't think that the trade was even so she gave me a little hair band that was on her wrist. But then she took that one back and gave me the other one that was on her wrist...the sparkly one!

July 8
Well, the past few days we went to poor areas and washed clothes and hair, did the drama, and played with kids. Yesterday and today we have gone to two different places each day. When we get there, we go out to invite people to the drama, perform the drama, pray with the people who became Christians, and leave.

When we go out to invite people, I am usually the only one that invites in Spanish, everyone else just use a translator. Yesterday, after inviting two different houses, the translators talked to them both and they invited Jesus into their hearts right there! It was so cool! Plus I got to pray with one family and one little girl as well!!!

Today, after the drama, I got to pray with another little girl and eight grown-ups with one of my new friends Kate...she plays the evil magicion.

Tonight, we are all a bit nervous about FUAGNEM (Fired Up And Going Nuts Every Second). Everyone can tell something exciting is going to happen!

Later that night
Wow, we just got back from FUAGNEM and it was very impacting! First Susie Shellenberger gave a talk on something I had never heard talked about before. It was about the paralyzed man who sat at the healing pool for 38 years waiting to be healed. When Jesus comes up to him, he asks the man if he wants to be healed. At first you're thinking, of course he wats to be healed, he's been sitting there for 38 years! But then when the man answers, he doesn't give a yes or no answer. And you get to thinking, maybe he doesn't really want to be healed. Maybe he's been sick for so long, he's not sure what will happen. Anyways, the moral of the story was to give everything to God and give Him control of your life.

After Susie talked, she had all the teams meet in a seperate place in the room and share what we need to either give up or get. Everyone was very homest and emotional when it was their tunrn to share. I said that I need/want to have a closer walk with God.

Today, Deanne (one of the leaders) gave me an encouraging note. It says,

Thanks for using the Spanish God has allowed you to have for His kingdom purposes. I appreciate your sweet spirit and smile and helpfulness on this trip. Keep following Jesus to His abundant life."

I thought it was very special!

Being a mime in the drama is hard work because first, you have to sit corss legged in the front, holding your hands up, with a blank expression on your face. Second, because when you die you have to roll around in the dirt (you are wearing black, which gets dirty easily!). And third, becuase your whole face is painted completely white and you can't itch your face at all!!! But mimes are a very important part of the drama! LOL!!!

July 10
Wow, isn't God good?! Today, everything bad that could happen, happened! During the beginning or the drama, the mp3 player that played the music and narration ran out of battery, so we went through the entire drama without music! Then a little ked runs onstage and starts talking to whoever was acting at that time.

Anyways, it was HORRIBLE!!! But, at the end when there was an invitation for people who wanted to become Christians to come up to the front...we had the most people come up than ever before! I think that was God's way of showing that it isn't us who are doing anything, but God is the one who is convicting the people! How cool, right?!

Okay, so Pam Stenzel talked again tonight and she told this story that I thought was awesome:

Once there was a King who fell in love with a peasant. He had three options:
  1. He could tell his soldiers to ride over to where she lived and say, "The King wants to marry you," and then take her to the palace (what is she going to say...no?).
  2. He could ride over to where she lived with a big train of servants and such and ask her personally to marry him ("Ummm, no King, I don't want to marry you").
  3. Or go in disguise and live in the same area as she does (a completely shocking thing for a King to do) and see if she loves him back.

Well, that's what Jesus did for us. He was sent to live amoing peasants for us to choose, not be forced, but able to choose to love Him and follow Him. I just thought that was the coolest story ever!

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