Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Weekend of Sewing

Hey guys!

Well, I have been at my friend's house sewing all week while my mom was in Bolivia (http://wisechoices2bolivia.blogspot.com/) and let me tell you...we got SO much sewing done.
Our first project was a sheer ball dress (we each made one). This is how mine turned out:

I did the skirt ALL by hand: hem, tucks, gather, etc.

My second project was a bodice for a new work dress:

Thirdly we fixed this hat:

To look like this:

And lastly we made a sunbonnet for my little sister:


annamae said...

read your post on the S&S board, wow, that dress is lovely! and what an accomplishment to hand sew so much of it! i never have enough patience for that. :)

Amy said...

Gorgeous dress!! I love handsewing, but have never done it on that scale before - wow!

Cherry_Ames on S&S

Anonymous said...

Did you use a pattern for your white sheer dress?

rebecca jane said...

well, I used my friend's pattern that I think she created...but it is really just a simple gathered bodice and poof sleeves with a ruffle. The skirt I just cut 4 panels and put 5 half inch tucks and a 5 or 6 inch hem and then gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice.

Anonymous said...

You make it sound so easy!

rebecca jane said...

haha, well, it wasn't really. I mean working with such delicate material was kind of scary and a hassle!!! But everything turned out so pretty, I wouldn't have done anything any other way! :)

fiddlebob said...

The dress is lovely, but I was attracted by your interest in Civil
War Reenactments. I was a member of a group that played ONLY at Reenactments for a couple of years.
We had a lot of fun playing in the
Arkansas area. We had 3 15 tune sets that we played. Each set started and ended with Dixie. Needles to say we played only tunes from the South.


rebecca jane said...

thank you for your comment! yes I really enjoy Civil War reenactments and I am definitely a southerner. me and my friends always are jamming at the reenactments we attend and dixie and the bonnie blue flag are difinitely a favorite! :)

Becky said...

I am curious what pattern you used if any?
Your dresses are beautiful