Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring, Spring, Spring

I love spring!!! It is my very favorite season! The lovely flowers blooming and new life! 

We decided to go out and take some pictures when we saw the lovely flowers that had sprung up overnight.

Michelle, my kid sister, is completely in love with our horse, Jess. She loves him dearly, and I wouldn't be surprised if he loved her back! :)

Spring, Spring, Spring!!!

We also saw a squirrel enjoying the lovely Spring weather!


Lydia Covey said...

Hi there Rebecca!!
I stumbled across your blog and just thought I'd say hi :-). Enjoyed looking through your pics. Looks like your doing well.
Sad to have not had you at reenactments, no doubt Atlanta told you about wet Temple. It was definitly wet, but actually fun :).
Hopefully this fall we'll meet up at an event!
~Lydia C.

Amy said...

Hi Rebecca! How are ya? I've given you a pass-along blog award. Come by my blog to pick it up!