Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Dorrit

I have just watched Little Dorrit for the second time and am even recording it off of my dvr to dvd so I can have a hard copy of it. I really LOVE this mini series! It was written by Charles Dickens, thus, it has a couple of creepy characters, and alot of hilariously random ones, but all-in-all I really, really like it!
Here are some screencaps from it:

Here is the character Amy Dorrit (aka Little Dorrit), played by Claire Foy:
Here is Arthur Clennam at the Circumlocution Office, played by Matthew Macfadyen (you might recognize him from Pride and Prejudice):
Here is Mr. Dorrit (he has been a prisoner at a debtor's prison for 21 years and has been offered a chance to take a look out into the streets for the first time in a long time), played by Tom Courtenay:
This is Fanny Dorrit (Amy's sister who is a dancer), played by Emma Pierson:
This is Edmund Sparkler who is my favorite character (he is in love with Fanny), played by Sebastian Armesto:
For more pictures of all of the characters you can go here:

Here are some more pictures from the movie:

This is the Dorrit family:

Fanny and Amy:
Amy and Mr. Clennam:
Here is a collage:
Watch it! It's a good movie! Do it!

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