Monday, August 31, 2009

Pride and Prejudice

Okay, so I always wondered who was the prideful one and who was the prejudiced one? I used to think Elizabeth Bennet was prejudiced and Mr. Darcy was proud...but then I heard that it was the other way around.

Well anyways, Pride and Prejudice is the favorite movie of the day....or perhaps I should say movies, because there are two versions that I really like. This was one of my first "period" movies that got me interested in other period movies, reenacting, and history itself. My first was Sense and Sensibility. I watched the newest version of P&P at slumber party one night and absolutely fell in love with the manner of speech, dress, and deportment of the time.

Elizabeth: "Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony which is why I shall end an old maid."

Mr. Darcy: "Perfectly tolerable, I daresay, but not nearly handsome enough to tempt me."

Mary Bennet: "What are men compared to rocks and mountains."

Mr. Collins: "What excellent boiled potatoes. It's been many years since I had such an exemplary vegetable."

Mr. Bingley: "I wouldn't be as fastidious as you are for a kingdom. Upon my word!"

Mr. Bennet: "An unhappy alternative lies before you. Your mother will never see you again if you do *not* marry Mr. Collins, and *I* will never see you again if you *do*."

Mrs. Bennet: "You have no compassion for my poor nerves."

I can only find a trailer of the newer version of Pride and Prejudice:


Anna said...

just found your blog
so nice we have the same interests!!!
I have several blogs and 1 is a movie blog
but it is in dutch...I do have a translatebutton

Gr. Anna

Disney said...

Ohhhhh Pride and Prejudice!! I could watch/read it over and over again for a thousand years. I love the Collin Firth version the best, but I have to admit, the boiled potatoes line is one of my all-time favorites! God bless Jane Austen for writing it!! :o)