Thursday, October 29, 2009

A play-in-progress, some photos, and a lot of fun!!

Today after Little Women rehearsals, we took some promotional pictures to put on posters, and ads, and such. So here are some of the best ones we got! Let me know which is your favorite! :)


Hannah Carrigan said...

Oh those are so cute! I love the one of ya'll looking out the window. =)

Amy said...

I absolutely love the one of you all looking out the window. The one reading the letter is good too, and probably a little more suited to a promotional piece. But still -- Love the window one! :)

Anna Andalasia said...

I love the window one too! It reminds me of the Little Women movie with Winona Ryder.

I'm a new reader - what part are you playing? I played Beth almost two years ago. =D

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rebecca jane said...

Thanks guys! The window is definitely one of my top favorites too!!!

I'm playing the part of Jo.... :)

Anna Andalasia said...

Awesome! Congratulations!!!

Melanie said...

How neat!! :-D
I love that last picture of you looking out the window. :-)