Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well a very happy new year to you!!!

Hello all!

I'm so excited about this next year, and what exciting things it might bring! :)

I don't know about you, but 2009 was a crazy, full year! I've been reminiscing and I just can't believe what all happened, just in my life, in only one year.

At the beginning of the year, my dad was in Iraq and it was just me and my mom and sister at the house. We were ready and expecting to go through a whole year by ourselves. However, as I'm sure everyone already knows, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

In February, we heard that my dad had been flown to Germany and was going to have heart surgery. He just happened to mention a small pain in his chest and a few days later is was discovered that he had 90% blockage in one of his arteries. Thank the Lord it was found before he had a heart attack!

So my mom and I left Michelle with friends and flew to Germany the day after we found out. How strange to be going along with my daily life, find out my dad is having heart surgery, and fly to Germany the next day! Praise the Lord the surgery went well, and he began to recover almost the next day!

While we were there, we discovered a train that could take you to Paris, France in 2 hours, and we planned a one day trip there! I still cannot believe I actually saw the Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower!

When we returned (with my dad) my mom and I started work on "Robin Hood". JOY Christian Academy's first production...and my mom's first play to direct! I also began rehearsals for "The Sound of Music" at a different homeschool co-op.

The next few months were filled with theatre and school...I was a sophomore and taking one of the hardest math classes EVER (Algebra 2), along with Worldview, art, and voice.

"Sound of Music" was put on in March and the post production party was on my 15th birthday, March 21st. After which, I heard about another musical being put on at the community theatre a few miles away from my house. I was asked to join and I became part of the company.

The 4-H event happened around this time, and I entered several photographs and dresses. I got three 1st place awards in photography, a grand champion award, and two went to state. I also got a first place prize on my white sheer dress that went on to district where I got second place.

"Robin Hood" and "Annie Get Your Gun" rehearsals were almost back-to-back. When May rolled around my head was spinning, but I was loving every bit of it! After both plays were over I was definitely ready for summer!!!

During summer break I got to do some pretty neat things...my favorite was hanging out with friends! I also got to be a part of "Snow White"! That was oodles of fun!

Once school started up again I was completely involved in classes and "Little Women". "Robin Hood" was such a huge success we decided to do another production! Along with "Little Women" I was also involved in an advanced show choir group called Triple Threat Texas.

The semester was filled with lots of homework and LOTS of sewing! I was in charge of all the "Little Women" costumes which was a huge responsibility! :) But SO worth it!

As the end of the year has come and gone, I like to look back on everything that has happened. I love to laugh at how I thought the year would be like...and at how it ultimately came about! God has had such a huge part in my life this past year!

So, I challenge all of you to look back at how your year was...did everything happen like you thought? What kinds of surprises happened to you? How do you think this next year is going to be like?

God bless! And have a very happy new year!

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