Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Women Motivational Posters!

After seeing some motivational posters based on BBC period movies, I thought I'd create a few of my own...in honor of Little Women Week. I could only think of so many, if you have any ideas let me know and either I can make more or you can make up some original ones! Post your favorites (that you made or I did) on your blog! :)

(Suggestion from Atlanta)

Little Women of 2010 week is going along very nicely! I'm so excited to see so many posts on everyone's blog in honor of Little Women week. More info HERE

Remember to post a link to your blog posts HERE or on the top right hand corner of this page.

There's only been a few entries so far in each category, so I hope there's still a lot of people out there still planning on participating!


-Bess- said...

So clever! My favs are: Butter; Oranges; Emptiness; Wild Theatricals; & Never. Love it!

Unknown said...

Ooh, Butter is hilarious! XD

Atlanta said...

Cute! I like the Wild Theatricals best! Could you do one about Amy and her attempts at a fashionable nose? Something like "Fashion: to be attained at all costs" haha.

SisterlyLove said...

Oh yes! WE ARE PLANNING!! I really hope to participate in this fun event! it's just finding the time to get out the old dresses and charge up those batteries on a relatively nice day.. ;)haha! *sigh* I love these photos! I now have the WIld Theatricals on my desk top to inspire and remind me to put something in the Mr. Linky things! :D HA! I love it!!
(yes, rather like, Amy March haha!)

rebecca jane said...

Haha, thanks guys!

Atlanta, genius!!! Off to make it right now!

SisterlyLove: Oh good, I can't wait to see y'alls entry(s)! :)

Charleybrown said...

Great job on your posters! Once you start, it's hard to stop isn't it? :)