Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Women Movie Review: 1994 Version

Of all the Little Women movies I've seen (and I think I can honestly say I've seen them all), the one made in '94 is definitely my favorite! I really don't think the others can compare.

Winona Ryder as Jo was genius! She was perfect in that part. When I was playing Jo in my drama group's play of Little Women, I used Winona as my "role model" for that character. 
She just captured every deep emotion that is required for someone playing Jo; she's not a light character, that's for sure! 

Claire Danes was an amazing Beth! I mean, I always feel like givin' a high five to anyone who has to do a sick/dying scene! So kudos to her! She's not a whiny dying person, it's so realistic! And she did fantastic as the sweet sister, always content to be at home. 

Kristen Dunst as Younger Amy! Aaahh! Perfection! That little girl has got some mad acting skills! She is SO cute. And though Amy is an annoying, bratty character, she didn't over do it! She was amazing!

I am love with Christian Bale (Laurie). I know, I know...but COME ON! Who isn't after watching him play Laurie! He such a fun, loveable guy in that part, which is absolutely fitting for the character of Laurie!
The chemistry between Laurie and Jo in this movie is so amazing! I love their brother-sister relationship so much, that sometimes I stop the movie right before he proposes. I hate to see it ruined by his stupid proposal! And then, to top it off, she refuses! Aaah! Anyways...
This is a great movie! I am in love with it, and the above are my favorite actors in it...but, I mean seriously, everyone in the movie did great! Except maybe John Brooke...he was just really awkward. But besides that! :)

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Unknown said...

I agree about EVERYTHING!!!!!lol
I LoVE it! It always makes my cry when Beth dies(and I dont cry when watching movies!)!

HIS daughter said...

OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE! I seriously think it is on my top 3! I cry almost every single time and I love how it reminds me of my family :)

Amber said...

I agree with you on those points. But I happen to looooove John Brooke. He's the cutest red-head I think I've ever seen and he's so sweet and awkward, which is a cute combo.

I love all of your posts BTW. :)

Celine said...

I totally agree this is the best adaptation.... although, I personally thought that John Brooke was perfect! (I think he should have been brunette, but besides that, I liked him a lot:)I guess everyone has their own opinion... apparrently, the person who cast him didn't think his red hair was such a big deal :)
The proposal was terrible, wasn't it? And I DO NOT understand why she refused him!!!
ANYways, thank you for posting :)

rebecca jane said...

Haha! I love all of y'all defending John Brooke! :) He's okaaayyy...just not my favorite! haha but if he's *supposed* to be random, boring, and really awkward...he's perfect! :D

Jordan Elizabeth said...

Strangely, I never really liked "Beth" as she was played in this movie. I can't even put my finger on exactly why.

I think Jo was perfectly sensible in refusing Laurie--their personalities would have clashed so horribly! Amy suits him much better. But you're right-he shouldn't have even proposed to Jo!

Unknown said...

It's been years since I saw this movie, but I remember really enjoying it, the acting and the "look" and everything about it. I've seen the 30s versiona nd part of the 50s version and didn't like those nearly as much.

I definitely agree with your opinion on Brooke - with his long hair I thought he seemed a bit too...I dunno, Bohemian (though the red hair is a nice touch - remember when Meg defends the "auburn" haired person at the Christmas dance? She obviously doesn't mind!)

I thought Laurie was fine, but there still isn't an Italian Laurie. This one was quite Anglo.