Monday, February 15, 2010

Project Runway Season 7: Episode 5

What a huge challenge this week! I thought that there were some amazing ones and some terrible ones! I was pleased with the winner, and a little bummed about the loser! But overall, fun challenge!

"The designers must create a look to be worn by Heidi Klum on the cover of Marie Claire."

I really liked the winner for this challenge! The color was beautiful and I was really impressed by the unique design and everything! A little short, but what can you expect for Project Runway? :) I'm not a big fan of Anthony as a person/designer, but he did really well and met the criteria very well! So huzzah for him!

The loser, sadly, was Anna. Her dress just didn't meet the standards for the challenge. Her outfit was just now very striking and made out of three completely different materials that didn't mix well at all! Poor thing! 

Emilio was in the top three and I didn't really like it at all! It made me think of a ballerina dress or something! But it was well made, so...

Another dress I didn't really like was Mila's! She's been in the top the past two challenges, and then this! Aaahh! Terrible colors that look way too similar to the model's skin color! And a gray triangle that looks like an arrow pointing to her crotch! How unflattering!

The designer I thought should have been eliminated is Janeane! What a nervous fidgety person! I thought her dress was terrible! Especially the neckline! She's next to leave I bet!

There were, however, several dresses I did like! For example, Jay's dress! I thought it looked very "front page of a magazine" and it was very cute and flowy! It was well made and very original looking with a long train in the back (if you can't tell from the picture). Cute, cute! 

Another favorite was Amy's! Her dress was super cute! It made the model look a little large in the chest, but overall, very cute and drape-y looking!

And last, but not least, another top three, Ben's! His inspiration was a modern "Madame Butterfly" and I could really see that! I just really loved it!

I forgot to make my own design...but I felt like the designs on this show were very nice! So...GOOD JOB everyone! :)


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I agree with the winning selection, out of what they had to choose from. However, I was disappointed all around with this weeks garments. Some I thought were 'okay', and most horrible. I thought Mila's dress was terribly sewn, it looked like a 'homemade' attempt to me.

I expected more from this group!

Unknown said...

I've been enjoying your posts on this show, Rebecca - I haven't got this channel!

BTW, you've been awarded at my blog! :)