Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Runway Season 7: Episode 6

I loved yesterday's episode of Project Runway, I really did!

The challenge: "The designers must create a fashionable children’s look and a companion adult look."

When you're designing for models who's job is to model, you don't really worry much about how comfort, etc. HOWEVER, when designing for children...completely different story (I have a younger sister that I sew for...I know these things). There can't be any uncomfortable anything and they have to feel good in it. There are so many different things to think and worry about when sewing kids clothes! So I thought, especially for those who don't ever really do kids clothes, this was a nice challenging challenge.

The winner was Seth Aaron. Again, not my favorite person/designer on the show, but he did a great job! When designing he really put alot of thought into what the little girl would like: he made a purse because of his experience with his daughter, he knew she would enjoy it (turns out, the little girl makes a comment about how the purse was her favorite part). I thought the jacket on the adult/model was so perfect and tailored really well! Overall, great look!

 The loser (FINALLY!) was Janeane. She is such a nervous person (she makes me nervous just watching her). Every episode her comment is "I just want to get through this challenge!' Ummm, the whole reason you're here is to do your best every time and not look forward to the end... Her looks were just so uncreative compared to everyone else's who actually looked like they were trying to be unique and special. Everything was unflattering, and the orangey-red color was just...AWFUL! I'm very glad she got out.

Jonathan was one who was in the bottom that I thought didn't do awful but didn't do well. I thought that if you were to take off the bolero/jacket the little girl's yellow dress would be darling. The adult look, however, I thought was just plain weird. Nothing I would ever be wearing out of the house. The judges made a comment that made me chuckle...something about it looking like a tornado of toilet paper! Hahaha!

Another bottom three was Amy. Poor Amy. You could tell she tried so hard to be creative! But, it just turned out so strange. The petal pants were just weird, and the color palette didn't look good. The little girl's skirt was uber cute, however the sweater really messed it up! However, I think Amy is definitely a strong link in the competition!

Mila's design is one worth looking at. I thought the little girl's look was pretty cute, the polka dots on the jumper didn't really match up to the ones on the leggings. But I thought the jumper was really cute and 60's looking! And the model's look was cute as well. Her jacket was really pretty (I love white a black together). And the angled cut on the leggings are also very cute!

Jesse's design was in the top three and I thought it was...okay. The child's red coat was super, super adorable! In fact, I would wear that (a bigger size, of course)! It reminded me of Madeline (which was actually his inspiration). The angled red piping on the dress just made me want to straighten it...even though it was meant to be like that. HOWEVER, the model's dress, I thought, was just AWFUL!! I don't like those kind of sleeves at all...and the dress was way too tight! The concept was good, the execution, not too much!

Jay's look (which was in the top two) was just darling! The looks matched, but not! I love those colors together and I just liked the overall look! Job well done! Not so sure about those bright yellow shoes, though...

And then, my favorite look was Emilio's! The little girl's pink dress was just precious. An the vintage-styled dress for the adult look was too cute! I would definitely wear that! Cute, cute, cute!

Now...speaking of design, etc. I'd like to tell you of something I'm thinking of entering. JoAnn Fabrics is hosting their annual "design your own prom dress" contest and first prize is $50,000 towards college!!!!!! I have put together some ideas that I'll post and get y'alls opinion on...but I'm just really excited!

Oh! Little Women week starts Sunday! I hope you're ready! I can't wait to see everyone's posts! :)


Tessa Voccola said...

wow your fast...I just finished watching that and hour ago. I really did like the loser's outfit's something I would have bought for my niece. I didn't like any of the people's outfits with the highest scores...they were just...well strange. It was a great challenge though!

Unknown said...

I want to enter the Joanns contest so bad too! But, i dont know how good I'd be at making a prom dress!!
Should I go for it?

rebecca jane said...

I say go for it! I'm uber excited about it! :) I'll bet you'll do great!!!