Friday, March 5, 2010

Much Ado About Spring

In fashion class, we were assigned to create a line of clothing (2+ outfits) made of three contrasting fabrics (chosen ahead of time).

I had alot of fun creating my designs. I made four, but there was only room for three on my board.

Design #1: This design consists of a purple jacket, a white undershirt, and floral gored skirt. The skirt has a purple waist band and zips on the side.

Design #2: This design has a simple white dress as the focal point. The skirt on the dress is pleated. And the dress buttons in the back (with contrasting purple buttons). The undershirt is made from the floral fabric. There is a purple belt.

Design #3: This is my favorite design. This dress has a white blouse and purple skirt. The sleeves, however are made from the floral material (with purple sleeve bands). The belt has a bow, made of the same purple material. This dress zips up the side.