Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet Sixteen and Spring!

Today I turned 16! Huzzah! My birthday is the second day of Spring which is usually really exciting, but it decided to snow yesterday, so it has been bitter cold all day! TEXAS...! *sigh*

Anyway, I got to go to a friends house and we watched The Young Victoria and Wives and Daughters and then yesterday, I got to go see Brigadoon at a nearby-ish theatre. It was AMAZING! You gotta love anything that has to do with Scotland! :)

I'm planning on hopefully getting my license next month (because I waited too late to get my permit, and you have to have it for 6 months before you can get you license)! It feels really strange to be 16! I'm starting to feel really old! Haha...of course, I don't act it, so... :)

I have some sewing projects I'll be posting about soon! AND pictures from the reenactment! :) So, stay tuned!


Bramblewood Fashion said...

Happy birthday, Rebecca!

Atlanta said...

Happy birthday, dear friend!

love, - A.

Allison Przeslawski said...

(vocal warm-ups)*mee mee mee...*
♪Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to Rebecca....
Happy Birthday to you!!! ♪

Hope it's a wonderful year!

Allison Elizabeth ♥

Nicki said...

Your blog is lovely!!

please visit mine too...

Celine said...

happy birthday! And thank you for featuring me, by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! You're less than a year older than I am!lol
It's funny, it seems to have snowed all over last saturday. I live in Canada and it snowed here too!! Just ain't fair :(

Lydia Covey said...


a few days late..... :p
Sounds like your day was splendid, despite the snow. Crazy TX weather.

I'm anxiously awaiting to see the reenactment pictures, hint hint. It was such a loverly weekend!! Cant wait for Jefferson.

Brittany said... think that 16 feels old... wait till your turning 23. Now that feels old. :D
Found your blog a while ago and I love it! Nice work!
In Him,
Brittany V