Tuesday, March 16, 2010

These old blue jeans

Today my mom was doing some spring cleaning in my little sister, Michelle's, closet. She was about to get rid of quite a few things and I had to stop her and grab some. I had seen Disney's post on "Ruffles and Stuff" about how to make clothes last longer, even when she's grown out of them. So...I tried a few things.

My first project: Holey Blue Jeans

1) You must find some jeans where either the knees have been worn out, or there are holes. Almost all of my little sisters' jeans have holes, so that wasn't a problem! :)
2) Grab some random fabrics, lace, buttons, etc. And go crazy decorating. Sew patches, ruffles, and so on until you have covered the holes and created a cute look that could be mistaken for an already made look.

3) Admire those cute little jeans! :)

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