Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Inspiration...

I LOVE to be inspired, don't you? Finding pictures and tutorials and thinking..."Hey, I could make that!" just makes my heart happy! So, I thought I might share a few things I've acquired that inspire me...

How about this GORGEOUS blouse?! I absolutely love the color and the cute rosettes! If I were to change it up, I probably wouldn't do the "wing" sleeves...possibly puffs? or caps?

Okay, so I am absolutely IN LOVE with this idea! And it looks fairly easy...What a neat gift idea, too!

I really, really love both of these scarves! The first one is so simple, with the cute little rosette pattern at the bottom. And the second one is beautiful...but hey, who isn't in love with ruffles?! :)

This is such a cute idea too! I'm always looking for little girl projects since I have a little sister and this one is no exception! I MUST make this!

I don't usually make "home-y" things, but I would LOVE to make this! Again with the ruffles...*sigh*!

Well, I hope some of these have inspired YOU as well to do some sewing! I sometimes get discouraged and don't have a desire to sew, but whenever I look at pictures, etc I ALWAYS want to start sewing that second! :) Well...off to sew! 

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Lydia Covey said...

Oooh Rebekah!! I love that top. And those scarves.. and that pillow :D! Currently my eyes are drawn to all things flowy, ruffly and rosey <3