Saturday, April 3, 2010

SFW - Of bows and breezy blouses

Today I wore a white blouse that I found at a Goodwill store! I just love breezy and flow-y things! On top of the blouse is this vintage looking belt I found at Goodwill! I was so excited when I saw it on a mannequin! I love unique, colorful belts.

I got these jeans at Wal-mart. I'm kind of short so I had to roll up the cuffs, but I've actually been asked if they came like that! :) Plus some brown flats from the same store. And I found this little clip on bow in my little sister's hair bow drawer, so....FREE! :) Which is always nice!

I love looking at everyone else's outfits...keep the cute, thrifty looks coming!!! :)

~Rebecca Jane


Unknown said...

So pretty! I love this look!

You actually remind me of Josefina in the American Girl collection. ;)

Rachal said...

You are lovely! Somehow you just look amazing in every outfit! :)

Elinor Dashwood/Melanie said...

That blouse is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit!
You've had some great outfits during this event-I've enjoyed looking at them. =)


Anna said...

Such a cute outfit again!