Sunday, April 4, 2010

SFW - Of florals and solids

Happy Easter!!! Today is, sadly, the last week of Amanda Beth's "Secondhand Fashion Week." I've had such fun seeing everyone's posts, and coming up with all of my fashionable secondhand attire. This event has really encouraged me! I've realized how easy it is to be not only fashionable, but inexpensive as well (which is definitely not only good for me, but for my wallet)! And I feel very inspired to go out and create even more cute, inexpensive, outfits.

Anywho, today's outfit it a very spring-y look! My top is a secondhand item that was given to me...aren't those big bags of clothes so fun?! I love the anticipation of going through them and wondering what treasure you might find!

My skirt was a quick skirt I was able to make with some scrap material that was left over from another sewing project. My belt, which I've already worn this week, is from a Goodwill store. And my shoes are Walmart flats.

I hope you have an amazing rest of the day. Regular posting should begin tomorrow, so stay tuned! :)

~Rebecca Jane


Beth said...

Very pretty Rebecca Jane. :) I love solids shirts with floral skirts!

Atlanta said...

Cute! As always!

Unknown said...

Hey Rebecca! In case you haven't seen the blog yet, you are a finalist in the Favorite Secondhand Fashionista poll! You were so fabulous all week. :)