Saturday, May 8, 2010

of operas and parking garages...

This is the story of how my crazy friend, unbeknownst to her, auditioned for an opera in a parking garage.

Well, the other day some friends and I got to do something really exciting! (you can take a guess HERE) And afterwards we got to go see a play. Now I must tell you that my friends and I enjoy singing...especially loud, broadway songs... My poor mother endured the trip to the theatre very well, and though we couldn't find a Chick-fil-a ANYWHERE (which is rather unfortunate) we had a thoroughly enjoyable car ride. 

Upon exiting the car, in a large parking garage, my dear friend Morgan was belting the final note from a Phantom of the Opera song. Much to her dismay there were two guys getting out of a car not too far away from us. Mortification. Worse, they got into the same elevator as us. 

My mother, attempting to make conversation, remarked on the size of one of the fellow's notebooks. She was corrected, however, that it was the score to the Moby Dick opera. *ahem* And not only were they in it but he was the COMPOSER and the other the CONDUCTOR

Exciting times with my buddies. 

I am very tempted to go and see the opera. I googled it, and was very amused to see the picture of the two fellows we met in the elevator:


Lydia Covey said...

HAHA!! Rebecca, that little story made me happy this monday morning... especially your humorous way of telling it.
So, my friends and I are not the only ones who sing, just a bit loud :).
I hope your week before the big play is going well! I would SO love to come see it.... I hear the Shannons may be going?! Maybe I should try to sneak away from Gilmer TX this weekend...

rebecca jane said...

Oh Lydia that would be AMAZING if you could come!!!!!! :) And was very fun!