Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Aspirations...

Sometimes I like to make goals. This doesn't mean I ever actually accomplish them...BUT I really, really want to finish some things this summer. And I believe summer to be an EXCELLENT time do finish projects, etc. So...

I've decided to create a list of things I would like to achieve this summer before school starts up in September. And YOU are my accountability buddies, making sure I do what I set out to do... So I'll be sharing whenever I finish what's on my list with all of you (and maybe get some encouragement from y'all too?!)...


1) Finish sewing my curtains

(I know, I know...I've had the fabric for almost a year now...SURELY I can get this done SOON!)

2) Get my driver's license before the end of June

(very unlikely, but I'm setting my goals high!)

3) Study so much for the PSAT that I score a 205 on my practice tests 

(again...very nearly impossible...but how awesome would that be?!)

4) Get ready for my Drama jr. class I'm teaching in the fall with my mom

(lesson plans, blocking for "Velveteen Rabbit," etc.)

5) Make {X} amount of items to sell on my Etsy Shop

(I have so many ideas for projects, I just haven't had the time to actually make any)

Stay tuned for some more goals. In the meantime, I have quite a bit of things to do! :) Do YOU have any summer goals??

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Bramblewood Fashion said...

I have just one summer goal right now. It is to start my etsy shop!!! =)