Monday, June 28, 2010

Historical Costume Inspiration Festival!

Atlanta @ Story of a Seamstress and I have been putting together a special event!!

"Have you ever dreamt of recreating that beautiful dress in your favorite painting? Or that stunning ball gown from the latest costume drama? What about that chic retro 40s suit?

Now is the perfect time to work on that costume project! Have it ready by Monday, October 3rd – then dress up and do some beautiful photo shoots. Prepare your own blog post including pictures of your creation, tell what exactly inspired you (pictures if applicable are best), and description of materials and methods. During the event you will be able to enter your post into the link pool so everyone can enjoy seeing the lovely creations!"

Go and see all the rules here. I'm oh so excited about the festival...and Atlanta and I have been thinking up some marvelous posts (and a surprise or two) for the event! So...definitely plan on participating!

I Heart Faces - Pets/Animals

Here is my entry for the I Heart Faces contest this week! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

giveaway - happiness card {closed}

Ruby's Unique Boutique has generously donated a "Happiness Card" for the Eudaimonia {happiness} - Blog Parade.

To enter the drawing for this giveaway, you must participate in the blog parade by posting your "top ten things that make you happy"...and link to this post.

More giveaway announcements soon!

you make me happy.

In celebration of the Eudaimonia {happiness} - Blog Parade I'm is my top ten list of

Things That Make Me Happy.

1) Finishing a good book.

or even better, being in the middle of a really thick book, and someone passing by, and you feel so smart, and...ahem...never mind.

2) Eating chocolate chip cookie dough.

not like a do or anything...but if I did I would love it, I'm sure...

3) Watching a movie for the first time.

especially with friends...and screaming really loud (even if it isn't that scary)

4) Finishing a project.

which is something I rarely when I actually finish makes me happy

5) Inside jokes with close friends.

laughing. giggling. joking. this makes me happy.

6) Singing at the top of my lungs.

which occurs quite a bit when I'm with my friends...evidenced HERE

7) Hugs. 

they ALWAYS make me happy.

8) Special presents.

when you can tell alot of thought and love went into a present, it doesn't even matter what's on the inside.

9) A comfy bed.

is there anything better?!

10) And most importantly...YOU!

there are no words to express how thankful I am to every single one of you! everytime I see a new follower, I run to tell my mom (who could probably care less) make me SO happy! I love you guys! 


Eudaimonia (Greek: ) is a classical Greek word commonly translated as 'happiness'.

The summertime is chopped full of fun, right?! Well, to celebrate summertime, I decided to have a mini blog party. All that is required to join is: 

Create a post on your blog with a list of your "top ten things that make you happy."

Try to be original and specific. Pictures are not required, but are always appreciated. The event will last five days and will close on the last day of June. 

Thursday I will share some of my favorite posts I saw. And make sure you stay tuned for a special challenge I'll present next week, as well.

If you decide to join:
  1. Create a post of your "top ten things that make you happy"
  2. Have one of the banners on the actual post, or a sidebar.
  3. Enter a link to your post here so everyone can see it.
  4. Come back Thursday!

I can't wait to see what makes YOU happy! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

psst. wanna know a secret?

Wanna know a secret? *ahem*

There's a place...where you can go shopping...FOR FREE!! I'm serious.

Curious where said place is located? Well I'll tell ya...

Walk into your garage, attic, basement, etc.

Open up some of those old boxes that have been there for years.

And then find some neat stuff you have either: forgotten about, always wondered where it was, or even stuff you never even knew existed!

You can find all sorts of treasures that you already have...without spending a penny.

In the meantime, while acquiring said treasures, you're cleaning out a space that could otherwise be occupied in a much better way.

Such as...A SEWING ROOM!!! :)

Stay tuned for more information on my Upstairs Sewing Room progress.

I Heart Faces - Celebrating Teens

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who helped me decide which picture to use! What would I do without y'all? The result was unanimous...! :)

In case you haven't heard about what this is for...check out the I Heart Faces and you can also see more entrants in the Celebrating Teens contest.

Again, thanks for the help guys! :)


Over at I Heart Faces, the photo contest category is "Celebrating Teens." The picture has to include a teen. So...I've narrowed my favorite 'teen' photos down to two. And I need your advice which one I should enter. The contest ends I need advice ASAP.

Thank you SO much for your help! :)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Macro Friday

I just found a very cute blog! It is called Blogging from Bolivia. It is all very ironic, too, because she lives in Santa Cruz, Bolivia...the SAME city that *I* lived in for three years.

Anywho, she has a photography "contest" every Friday called "Macro Friday" and today I'm entering one of my photos. It's actually one of my faves! :)

Zan Man and Peter Piper

My niece and nephew came for a visit today.

"Zander, who is this?" (pointing at Piper) "My little sister, Paper!" hahaha

Zan: "Look! It's DISGUSTING!!" *chases Michelle around the house with a lizard in a jar* "It's disgusting...LOOK!!"

The Grasshopper Sequence:

Finds the bug.

Shows the bug.

Squashes...the bug.

The End.

I love these kids! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new photography website

Nothing *too* new going on these days for me. I LOVE IT! Summer break is the BEST! :)

However, I *have* created a new photography site. Chopped full of my favorite pictures. I'm attempting to start up a fairly small photography business...just for some experience, extra cash, etc. and so on... So please go and check it out!

picture from a Peru mission trip

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"All about babies" Challenge

At "I Heart Faces" the challenge this week is babies.

So here is a picture of my little niece Piper's hand in her grandfather's. I think it's very sweet.

A skirt.

A while back I wrote about a skirt that inspires me (black and white checked). I bought the fabric FOREVER ago and have been wanting to make a similar version, only shorter. So the other day, upon the discovery that I had NOTHING to wear, I decided to make it.


My version:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

hollywood house of wax.

more wax museum pictures. enjoy.

yes. this is Gollum. my arch enemy. the one I have nightmares about. thank goodness he was only made of wax!

frodo. looking a bit like merry. but still cute as can be. and JUST my size too. HEY! I'm not short. I'm just a hobbit! (minus the hairy feet)

now I've never actually seen "Shakespeare in Love" but I liked the idea of me sitting in a throne, next to a medieval-y dressed Gwyneth Paltrow.