Saturday, June 26, 2010


Eudaimonia (Greek: ) is a classical Greek word commonly translated as 'happiness'.

The summertime is chopped full of fun, right?! Well, to celebrate summertime, I decided to have a mini blog party. All that is required to join is: 

Create a post on your blog with a list of your "top ten things that make you happy."

Try to be original and specific. Pictures are not required, but are always appreciated. The event will last five days and will close on the last day of June. 

Thursday I will share some of my favorite posts I saw. And make sure you stay tuned for a special challenge I'll present next week, as well.

If you decide to join:
  1. Create a post of your "top ten things that make you happy"
  2. Have one of the banners on the actual post, or a sidebar.
  3. Enter a link to your post here so everyone can see it.
  4. Come back Thursday!

I can't wait to see what makes YOU happy! :)


Kristin said...

Great idea! :) I'll definitely be participating.


Atlanta said...

How fun! I'll be joining as well!

hey - when are you going to post pix of your new fabric??

Brooke O'Shea said...

Sounds fun!
I found this through Ashley's post over at Bramblewood Fashions.
My blog is

Sierra said...

Hey, here is the link for my post


Anonymous said...

This sounds fun
Heres mine

God Bless

Kendy Jo said...

I did it on my blog! See it @ :
God Bless!
Kendy Jo

Alexandra said...

This was so fun.

Here's mine...