Sunday, June 13, 2010

A skirt.

A while back I wrote about a skirt that inspires me (black and white checked). I bought the fabric FOREVER ago and have been wanting to make a similar version, only shorter. So the other day, upon the discovery that I had NOTHING to wear, I decided to make it.


My version:


Bramblewood Fashion said...

Ooo, your skirt is lovely!

Apprentice Seamstress said...

Very Pretty

Sereina said...

What an adorable skirt!

SisterlyLove said...

"Well don't be so modest." HAHA! I LOVE it! it is very beautiful! and who couldn't love that Judy Skirt, anyway? lovely photo at the top. i love the whole outfit. :D

Elise said...

What pattern did you use for the skirt? I've always loved that part in White Christmas, and the skirt she's wearing! Also, I love your belt! It looks perfect.
Now I do believe it's time to go watch White Christmas:)

rebecca jane said...

i just drafted a pattern: 2-3 panels (whatever width the fabric is by whatever your desired length (plus a few inches for the hem) is). sew together leaving a placket. hem. gather. add waistband. add buttons. done! :)