Saturday, June 26, 2010

you make me happy.

In celebration of the Eudaimonia {happiness} - Blog Parade I'm is my top ten list of

Things That Make Me Happy.

1) Finishing a good book.

or even better, being in the middle of a really thick book, and someone passing by, and you feel so smart, and...ahem...never mind.

2) Eating chocolate chip cookie dough.

not like a do or anything...but if I did I would love it, I'm sure...

3) Watching a movie for the first time.

especially with friends...and screaming really loud (even if it isn't that scary)

4) Finishing a project.

which is something I rarely when I actually finish makes me happy

5) Inside jokes with close friends.

laughing. giggling. joking. this makes me happy.

6) Singing at the top of my lungs.

which occurs quite a bit when I'm with my friends...evidenced HERE

7) Hugs. 

they ALWAYS make me happy.

8) Special presents.

when you can tell alot of thought and love went into a present, it doesn't even matter what's on the inside.

9) A comfy bed.

is there anything better?!

10) And most importantly...YOU!

there are no words to express how thankful I am to every single one of you! everytime I see a new follower, I run to tell my mom (who could probably care less) make me SO happy! I love you guys! 

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Katherine said...

oh my goodness, this was so great. we have a lot in common ;) I'm off to do it right now! then i'll link up

Katherine, a new visitor