Thursday, July 22, 2010

a dying art.

sewing is a dying art. 
sad, but true.

Wal-mart has gradually been removing the sewing sections of the store.
small, independent sewing stores have been closing down everywhere.

Saturday, we saw another victim of this cruel and unhappy fate. a sewing store...going out of business. however, lucky for me (and all the other old ladies) who were able to benefit from the great deals.

the previous owner had passed on, and her husband and children and grand children were trying to sell everything. as we were checking out, we saw tears. mom and I had to bite our lip and blink our eyes in a rapid motion (to prevent said tears).

But let other pens dwell on guilt and misery...

we reaped large benefits from the sale.
 $15 quilts:

some $1 a yard fabric:

and a CUTE vintage dress: 

tonight I'm attending a gala for the "Cottage Theatre". 
I have been nominated for "best supporting actress in a non-musical" from my performance as Rachel Lynde in Anne of Green Gables. 

I'm very excited. they will also be showing clips from every play ever done there, and having...DESSERTS! 

it sounds like  a very enjoyable evening.


Anonymous said...

Hi! It is indeed a dying art. Our Walmart has gotten rid of their sewing area, too.
It's like they want us to completely rely on stores for pre-made clothing, and what's available is often immodest. It's creepy cause their reducing the baking and cooking aisles now, so in ten years, will we be buying premade food completely? It's already there! Your post made me think!
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Anonymous said...

Yes! I agree!! Sewing is dying off! No one seems to want to do the all the work involved with it! Ah! But what better feeling than to wear your own clothing!? Something you can proudly say you made yourself? Our Wal-mart still has their sewing section, but no one is hardly ever in it! *sniff*