Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a modern Anne.

Today I'm at my friend Atlanta's house and we are visiting, and sewing, and all sorts of very fun stuff! Also, over at Bramblewood Fashion, there's a blog event going on...all about Anne of Green Gables. We couldn't resist to enter a category or two. So we got all gussied up in our "Anne-ish" outfits and had a little photoshoot.

I am wearing a white cotton blouse with nice, billowy, puffed sleeves. Also a teal, polished cotton, pleated skirt that I just made the other day.

(happy belated birthday, Atlanta!)

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Hannah Carrigan said...

Rebecca! You are so talented! I love all the clothes you make. It is so great to see someone so passionate about something and actually able to do it. It looks like you and your friends have a lot of fun! =)

Bramblewood Fashion said...

Very pretty, Rebecca! I love your skirt!


Anna Olivia said...

You're SO cute. Love the outfit, and your hair. =)