Sunday, August 15, 2010

already thinking of christmas.

for one. I miss wearing my scarves. and hats. and mittens. and wool coat. and boots.

for another. the "best Christmas pageant ever" play was cast. I'm playing imogene herdman. a rough, tomboy. if you don't know the story...look it up. not only is it hilarious. but it has a touching story.

thirdly. I'm sick of 100 degree weather. not. fun.

and last. I'm starting present making NOW. with tech week. two weekends of performances. and a reenactment. my december is booked. I'm not making the same mistake I did last year.

winter? soon? please?


Anna Olivia said...

You're crazy. ;-) It's ONLY August. ha, ha!

Kristin said...

I am so ready for winter, too! I'm tired of this miserable, hot weather. I'm ready to wear boots and scarves. Also, I'm getting ready to start sewing a new coat, in a purple corduroy. It's made me anxious for cooler weather!


Sereina said...

I totally agree with you! I'm not really a summer person, and I've actually been thinking alot about Christmas lately... lol

RamsGirl said...

Sounds like a sweet play.

Gaby said...

I agree with you!! I really want winter to come soon! I love my scarves, long skirts, and boots!