Wednesday, August 11, 2010

during movies I...

...grab my neck when someone's head gets chopped off. real big during the love scene. realize my goofy smile. and attempt to cover it up.

...squeal if alligators or sharks appear.

...hold my breath to see if I can last as long as the person on the screen who is under water.

...sing-along if it is a musical. I've tried to not. apparently it annoys people. but I can't not sing-along.

...complain about the terribly inaccurate costumes, hair, etc.

...try to conceal my tears. I never cried in movies until very recently. sigh.

...try to impress people by saying the line .5 seconds before the actor. if something corny happens. as I greatly dislike corniness.

...suddenly realize all of the strange things I do while watching a movie.

do you?


Unknown said...

Yes, yes!! I SO do, dear!! :D *haha*

Oh, and thank you for joining my event! And putting the banner on the sidebar ;) Can't wait to see your outfits! :)

~Miss Raquel

Alexandra said...

All of the above. Especially the sing-along part. ;-)

Katie Krinkleberry :) said...

Check. Check. check. Yup! All of the above!

Anna Olivia said...

I do, I do!! ;)

Kristin said...

I also smile really goofy and get swoony (swoonish? LOL) during sweet love scenes. And a lot of times I find myself holding my breath during them, for some reason.

And I try not to cry, although almost anything will cause me to cry in a movie...something sad, something happy, something sweet, etc. I'd rather crawl under the seat than let all of those other people see me cry. If I'm in my room alone, it's another story...sob fest. I watched "Leap Year" last night and felt like a complete goober because I kept crying. And it's just a goofy, run of the mill chick flick.


Brooke O'Shea said...

Oh my, I can count some of these myself. I do not try to cover my tears though and I cry at almost every movie. Thank you for sharing these they made me smile!
Throgh Christ,

michaela said...

Wow, I do all those things too! The one I do the most is the goofy smile, I just can't help it!

Lindsey said...

I also tend to gasp aloud when something startling happens, or make comments like "Oh no!" or I will talk to the characters ("NO, don't go in there, DON'T go in there!")
I usually don't realize I'm talking until I've already said it. : )

Unknown said...

OMW!! I to ..hold my breath to see if I can last as long as the person on the screen who is under water. that too!!LOL I can never last as long as the actors tho!


Anonymous said...

haha! Yes, I'm afraid that I do all of those things too! lol! I guess it's a girl thing!!!