Monday, August 9, 2010


maybe I wish I could dance.

maybe I have a secret desire to be able to cook. well.

maybe I have 2,896 photos I've saved from the internet. for inspiration purposes. etc.

maybe I've named my ukulele.

maybe I make myself hoarse singing everyday.

maybe I know every line in "Pride and Prejudice."

maybe I have a dream of being on broadway someday.

maybe I talk during movies. or sing along.

maybe I nearly hit a tree yesterday.

maybe I have nicknames for all of my friends.

maybe I save text messages that make me giggle.

maybe chick-fil-a is the best place ever.

maybe my cat's name is Andrew Princeton Lee Jackoby Roberts Lloyd Webber.

maybe I wear bows in my hair.

maybe when I laugh people have to ask me if I'm ok.

maybe I named a grasshopper Socrates.

maybe this is all true.


Anna Olivia said...

Maybe I like this post...very much. =)

Joanna said...

HaHa! this is very interesting. And *cough* maybe I have just as many saved photos for inspiration purposes too! Great minds think alike. ;-)

marvelousme said...

Oh, my WORD!!!! If I read this correctly, you and I laugh in much the same fashion. There are many times that I laugh, but no sound is coming out. Sometimes air doesn't come out, either. :)

Brooke O'Shea said...

What a lovely post!

Melissa Renee said...

I loved this. :)

I've gotta meet that cat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I liked this post and maybe I like the same things!

Katie Krinkleberry :) said...

Maybe I love this post... (!) Lovely blog by the way! I would love it if you came over and checked mine out too! :)

Melissa Renee said...

Btw, your Etsy skirt was featured on my blog, Girls for God. Read about it here:

Amber said...

HAHA! The picture thing is certainly true for me. Sometimes when I can't sleep, I save TONS AND TONS of photos of historical garments. Right on.