Thursday, August 12, 2010

my crazy cat that I love.

andrew princeton lee jackoby roberts lloyd webber.
I call him andy cat.
explanation unnecessary.

as you walk by a doorway. he'll pop out. grab your leg with his paws. and quickly gallop down the hall. all in about 2 seconds. while you leap about ten feet in the air. and scream.

he enjoys it.

when you go into the bathroom. and turn on the water to take a shower. he runs to come in. manages to open the door. and tries to jump in the shower with you. sometimes you can see a little paw trying to sneak through the shower curtain.

he loves water.

he never comes to you when you call him. but always jumps in your lap when you don't.

when he meows. it sounds like he's trying to talk with you.

he and michelle communicate with each other.
michelle: what does the cat say, andy?
andy: MEOW!!

it's a bit frightening.

he lays on my sewing. and jumps on my tissue pattern pieces. he brings me dead bugs. and he likes to gnaw on my finger.

but I love him.


Anna Olivia said...

andrew princeton lee jackoby roberts lloyd webber. A terribly splendid name for a cat. Why don't all cats have such splendid names? =/

Melissa Renee said...

Oh my gosh I love that cat already!

Morgan Kathryn said...

pahahaha! So true Rebecca! lol. Don't forget he comes right up in your friends face when she juuussst wakes up and opens her eyes. scary. that and when you told me about the Phantom's glowing eyes, i look down the hall and THERE staring RIGHT at me are glowing eyes, thanks Andy the cat for scaring me so often. :p

Hannah Rebekah said...

I tagged you! Come and get the tag off my blog.

~Hannah Rebekah

Anonymous said...

Aw! 'andy cat' sounds SO adorable!!! I have two cats and they have similar traits like that! Mine will grab at my leg, too, except she will then suddenly and fiercely rub up against you leg as if trying to apologize!! lol!