Sunday, August 1, 2010

the operatic phantom.

better known as the Phantom of the Opera.
who's name is apparently...Erik.
an epic name, really.

after seeing the movie (about a thousand times).
listening to the c.d. (even more).
going to see it on stage (is there any experience more thrilling?!).
and even watching the silent movie version (quite frightening, really).

I found now would be as good a time as any to read the novel.

are there words to describe the intensity? 
the passion.
the story.
I do believe POTO is a classic.

some upsetting facts however:
  • erik is a violent, creepy, stalkerish, murdering, insane fellow. 
  • rauol is a pitiful creature.
  • christine is so easily swayed.
  • and the BEST character from the book (who ends up saving both Christine & Raoul's life) isn't even in the movie, musical, etc. sigh.

I do believe, however, that to be a true Phantom must read the book.
you gain such depth and understanding regarding situations and characters.
and you develop an even deeper (if that's possible) respect for the story.

so put it on your summer reading list. 
and read it.
because it's a good 'un.


Unknown said...

I also didn't read the book till I'd seen the story in all of its other available forms. I truly do love the book, it's such an gripping story! Have you had about the sequel Andrew Lloyd Weber wrote to the musical?

Amber said...

I totally agree. I find that the movie/musical makes much more sense after you've read the book. The book was also the last POTO I discovered and it makes everything better.

rebecca jane said...

KatySue: YES I HAVE! Oh my goodness. I don't even know what to think about a sequel. first off...I'm not to keen on sequels to begin with. and secondly, it's set in coney island...poto in America doesn't seem right to me. but it may be incredible. who knows......

Alexandra said...

I know this comment is suuuuper late, buuut...

Since it's my favorite musical, I finally read the book on the Web and just got it from the library to read again. While I really didn't like the Phantom at all (and he's my favorite character in the musical--of course--), I felt that it added a lot of depth to both the story and to the lyrics (I'll never think of "Music of the Night" the same way after reading the book). So in that way I really loved it. But Christine was sooooo wimpy. ;-)

And I read the sypnosis of the sequel and heard some of the songs...uuuuuugh. "Till I Hear You Sing" was about the only nice thing about it, and the plot was SO cliched and had a HORRIBLE ending. I'm just pretending it never existed. ;-)

marvelousme said...

I've only ever seen the silent movie version, and I thought it was great! Actually, it was the first silent movie I have ever seen, so it was a pivotal moment for me(Well, two hand a half hour "moment")

I think their is something just a hair more thrilling than seeing the Phantom of the Opera on stage(Though, I couldn't say for sure, having never seen it)is seeing "Wicked" on stage. I can honestly say I don't think I breathed for the entire performance. I was actually TIRED after watching it, it was that amazing, and the songs make me dance in public(which is sad, really). And whenever I hear "Defying Gravity" I must stop whatever it is I am doing, and act out the entire scene. And this from seeing it only once.
If I have peaked your interest, I must advise that you never read the book. Attempt not to even lay eyes on it. That poor excuse for entertainment is an utter disgrace to the world of good literature. O.K. I'm good.