Monday, August 2, 2010

summer. it's almost over.

school starts August 23rd for me.
that's only a few weeks away.

the summer has literally flown by.
leaving me wondering what really got accomplished.

I had a list of goals.
none of them completely finished yet.

here's the update:

1. Finish curtains - ahem. cough, cough. well...all of the panels have been lined and all that is lacking is the hemming and rod pocket. surely after making 15 curtains for somebody else I'd have the enthusiasm to finish mine (which have been in the works for over a year now).

2. get my license by the end of June - ha. haha. obviously not. I'm now shooting for the end of August, by the time school starts, etc. hey! it's possible! 

3. study for the PSAT - I'm taking a practice test once a week, and during the week I'm not completely a failure at EVERYTHING.

4. work on my Drama jr. class - I've written out a class syllabus for the year, and the parent teacher meeting is next week. this one is nearly accomplished, actually!

5. etsy shop - well. I have a skirt to add to my shop only I haven't taken any pictures yet. so that's one item. ahem. 

added goals:

6. actually read some pleasure books - OKAY this is one I have done! I've read: Cranford, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Phantom of the Opera, and I'm nearly done with The Pickwick Papers. Since these are all pretty hefty books...I'd say this is quite an accomplishment, thank you.

7. upstairs sewing room - well. I've done everything on my side. what lacks is: electricity and the patching of some gaping holes. after which I can begin the fun task of painting and organizing!

8. organize the "Costume Closet" - I have been planning on cataloguing all of the costumes we have for drama. taking pictures, making descriptions, and listing them by numbers (which are sewn in to the garment). I've done a bit of work on it. and made descriptions of all the ladies costumes.

9. organize my closet and room - DONE AND DONE! :)

anyways. most of this is for me to see how much is lacking and how hard I need to work in the next 20 days to get all of this accomplished. 
apparently I have quite a bit of work.

has summer flown by for you?


Unknown said...

When is your birthday? I was just wondering, since my sister isn't getting her license on her bday either. :)

rebecca jane said...

sadly I've been 16 for over 4 months. sigh. but I've had my permit long enough to get my license. so I'm just waiting for the point when I've finished the online course and I'm actually ready to drive alone. lol.

Kristin said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who makes lists of things to accomplish over the summer. :) I also have to go back August 23rd, but I've been doing work study and classes all summer, so I've only officially been out one week so far. Not many of my goals have been met yet, but I'm working on it. :)


Anna Olivia said...

Yes, my summer has definitely flown by, without me! ;) I haven't accomplished half of what I had planned. Phooey. But the year is still young. =)

Stephanie Ann said...

We all have those very long lists! Isn't it crazy all of the stuff we have going on at once? It doesn't look that big when you take on another project but it grows so fast! Good luck.

Unknown said...

Thumbs up to your list of goals, dear! ;)

I found your blog through Nina's 'Wickfield Chronicles'...and I can honestly say that I definitely like what I see so far! ;) Anyway, I notice that you've been in quite a few fashion events...I was wondering if you'd be interested in mine.
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Blessings, dear!
~Miss Raquel

Sisters of Grace said...

Don't you just love sewing curtians:(. We just moved and mom had this great idea that if we would sew all the curtians it would be alot cheaper. Well guess who got to sew all the curtians?Yes it was me. Don't get me wrong I loooove to sew! But curtians. They are so boring.