Sunday, August 8, 2010

there must be more than this provincial life....

there is this quite lovely blog holding an even lovelier event.
it is my humble opinion that you should go check it out.
and even join.

beauty and the beast is one of my fave disney movies.
except for the ugly prince.
he looks better as a beast.

beauty and the beast is the subject of the event.
it shall be a "belle fashion event."

there will be giveaways.
prizes, etc.
fashion posts.
and many more fun things.

so write on your calendar.
september 1-15.
beauty and the beast event.
and go pop in the movie.
or watch a spoof of the song "Belle" I made a while back.


Sereina said...

I've always thought that the Prince looked better as the beast also...

Anonymous said...

Beauty and the Beast is the BEST movie ever (and my personal favorite)! I agree, the prince is WAY more attractive when he's all beastly. ;D

Morgan Kathryn said...

pahaha, Rebecca, so true! Wish He had stayed a beast! And amazing spoof, lol!

Anonymous said...

That is a cute spoof, and thanks for spreading the word about my event!! <3

~ Hannah Kingsley

Susannah said...

I totally agree... he looked so ugly and lame after he was transformed!