Wednesday, September 22, 2010


have you ever seen something and wanted to save it to a super high tech online site?
with pictures. and descriptions. and prices.
and then send it to other a sort of online wish list?
guess what...YOU CAN!

just found out about "kaboodle" yesterday. and spent a lot of the day making wish lists.
just save it to your "bookmarks" on your computer.
and whenever you see something you MUST have...
push the bookmark...and a box comes up.
it lets you choose the picture and description.
and you can add it to any of your wish lists.
and voila!

it's pretty much amazing.
and addicting.
mainly addicting.
but still...very amazing. should try it out! :)

p.s. i figure rain is the best way to start out fall. thinking a good book might be just the thing to enjoy the wet weather. i might also go out and dance in it. maybe a little singing too.


Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Ah, the beauty of Kaboodle! ;) I'm on there too, if you want a friend, feel free to add me! ;)

Anna Olivia said...

Now this sounds QUITE marvelous. =)