Thursday, September 2, 2010

lovely. lovely. lovely.

my house will look like this. yes it will.


Sereina said...

I love the bright colors. :D

Unknown said...

Nice! If one must sit in a chair, why not a pretty cerulean blue one?! :)

Anna Olivia said...

Yellow is such a sunny color. =)

Rebecca, can you check out my latest blog posts? I'm hosting Les Miserables Week, and if you'd care to participate, you can add one of the buttons to your sidebar...and if you create the BEST posts Sept. 19-25, you can ~win~ a Les Miz pin I'm ordering as a prize from the official website.

Hope you'll join in!!!

Carmel Elizabeth said...

How beautiful! Will you really be remodeling so that it looks like that? That is totally awesome!


rebecca jane said...

anna: SO EXCITING! off to check it out right now!

bree: oh I wish! if I had my own house...most definitely! :)

Anna Olivia said...

=) Yay! If you found the blog buttons too big (for Les Miz Week) they are new and improved if you'd prefer grabbing a new more "fit-able" to sidebars. ;)

Miss Ryleigh said...

Woah. I love it. Yet it's so different than how my house would look. lol

Michaela said...

Thanks for the comment Rebecca! :), thats who I saw. o.O He was *worse* then bad...I don't think I'll even try to describe his voice for fear of sounding very uh, mean. :P lol

Was it just me, or did your ears hurt the minute Harvey opened his mouth to speak? o.O No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get used to his voice. hehehehe

Michaela said...

Too funny! :P :P I already had an idea of how he was going to sound... I saw a video clip/trailer thingy for the play, and was shocked at his voice. But I wouldn't have guessed he'd sound even WORSE IRL. Ugh. And here we bought tickets to see Topol - the REAL LIVE Topol! The master Tevye, right? I just expected more from Broadway. :-/

Tevye's in the whole play, He sings in most of the songs, and "Little Bird" always makes me cry...Harvey destroyed every single number, to put it nicely. (I heard people whispering about Topol during intermission, so obviously we weren't the only disappointed ones.)

Speaking of, after intermission I was so tired of trying to force myself to laugh at Harvey's jokes, I just sort of slouched in my seat, wishing he'd disappear. :P haha

Eeek, you have me "going" strong now! I'd better stop before I clog your whole comment box. ;) I have plenty more to say though. ^_^

Did you know he supposedly had some sort of operation on his voice? o.O