Thursday, September 23, 2010


sometimes i feel like this around my friends (the short 'un). 
i'm 5'3".
and shorter than...all my friends. and acquaintances.
even some who are several years younger than i.

any other short people out there who can sympathize?


Sereina said...

I'm about your same hight, and I know what you mean!

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize! I'm 5'4", and my younger sister is taller than me.

Oh, I came across your blog a few weeks ago, and I've been enjoying it :)


Anna Olivia said...

Psh. You're tall. =P I'm only about 5 foot to be exact and I'm older than you. ;) ;) And my 19 year old sister is only 4'9".
That's what happens when one is Italian...

Carmel Elizabeth said...

Wow, you are complaining about being only 5'3? I am only 4'10! Of course, I am still in the early teens, but...


Unknown said...

Hey, being short is better then being tall. You will always be cute and people will think your younger(a good thing when you get into your 20's)
Plus, you can buy skirts and dresses that your taller freinds and sisters love, but they would be too short on them!
So there oh tall ones, I will laugh and twirl in my $4 skirt that was too short for you! =P
(5'2, by the way and proud of it!hehe)

Anonymous said...

I'm only 5', so 5'3 sounds great! I know what you mean about everyone being taller- I'm an accompanist at a local middle school for the choirs, and some of the 6th graders are taller than me! I'm 17!!

Elinor Dashwood/Melanie said...

5'3"? That's not short! I'm 5'1/2". :-)
It used to bother me but now I quite like it. :-) I don't have to worry about marrying someone shorter than me, and... I dunno, it's kind of fun. :-) Incovenient, however, when I need to reach something on a high shelf or something. :-)

Brooke O'Shea said...

I know how you feel, at five feet exactly I am the shortest amongst my friends and almost my family (I do have two way younger cousins smaller than me), I feel the same way as Elinor though.
Through Christ,

Annie (larkin) said...

I'm somewhere around your height, and I can definitely sypathize! All my friends are at least a little bit tall for their age, and I'm...well...short. But hey! That's how God made me.

Queen Lucy

Heidi said...

I love being short...most of the time. Its difficult sometimes to get things up high at the store. I'm the oldest of 6 and the shortest at 5'2". Even all my brothers and sisters in law are taller than me. I just smile and laugh when they think they're teasing me. It doesn't bother me anymore. Somebody's got to be it!

K Sullivan said...

I feel exactly the same way! I'm 5'1" and EVERYONE is taller than me. My little sister is even taller than me, which makes everyone think she is the oldest :/

Katherine said...

I'm average height (5'5") but I can sympathize cause I'm shorter than everyone in my home except my younger brother, and mostly cause I was hoping to be much taller, but I'm not! :p But we're beautiful and perfect as G-D has made us!


Seven Sisters said...

I know just how you feel...only quite opposite! :)
Be glad you're's hard to find shoes for me (I'm 6'1"). :) And it would be hard to find clothes for me if I didn't sew!


Michaela said...

haha...YES I can sympathize! - I'm 19, obviously finished growing, and only a tiny bit over 4"9. o.O Yep, thats right! Most people think I'm 11-12, and the comments I get from strangers can be quite amusing. ;) hehe Like at the library last week:

I was searching for something on the computer and a librarian walks up:
"Do you need help?"
"No, actually I'm fine, thanks."
"I'm proud of you."


And heres a bit of encouragement (take it from me!) As they say, short people are "fun sized." :)


Sarah said...

I feel like that all the time! My brother is 6'4".

Hey, at least you are over 5 feet. I'm 22 and hardly make 4'11"! Another good thing about being small is you can find all the best places to hide when playing games. People will walk past your hiding spot thinking no one could ever fit in there.

And remember big things come in small packages like dynamite.