Tuesday, September 21, 2010

unfortunate souls.

I feel sorry for characters that I choose as my favorites.
whether it is a reality tv show...or a book.
they. always. die. (or get kicked off)

me- "oh I just love frank...he's my favorite!"
*frank gets shot and dies*
me- GASP!

american idol:
me- "susie just has the most beautiful voice!"
*goes to itunes and buys song*
next week - "...and susie is going home."
me - NO!

project runway:
me- "that dress is so cute! bob is so gonna win"
heidi- "...bob...your dress, was atrocious. I'm sorry. you're out."
me- *sigh*

mom- "who's gonna win, rebecca?"
me- *silence*
no way I'm going to tell you.
he won't stand a chance.

sigh. does this ever happen to you?


marvelousme said...

Yes, all the stinkin' time! It drives me bonkers!!!

Kristin said...

Quite often. Especially in reality TV (though all I watch is "Survivor" and "Dancing with the Stars"). And in "Lost," all of my favorite characters kept getting killed off, and it began to get depressing.