Thursday, September 16, 2010

what can I say?

...I love food!

and I've recently discovered a recipe for "oatmeal scotchies." umm...YES!

and truly.
what's better than being asked, "who made these?"
and being able to answer, "...ME!"

I've been in a "betty crocker" mood for a week. 
we need more sugar.
and flour.

does anyone else have a strange obsession with...ahem...baking?


Sereina said...

Boy, I could go for some of those right now.

RamsGirl said...

I went through a baking phase. But the thing I was most proud of was that I took cake mix and mix in blue food coloring!! The the cake was BLUE! HAHAH! I was so proud of myself.

Michaela said...

hahahaha...yep. ;) It was getting really bad there for awhile, desserts every night! ^_^ can NEVER eat enough sweets, I'm convinced of that.

But anyway, I always tell people that I'd rather bake then cook. So there! :)

Atlanta said...

Ooh! looks yummy!

You already know I have a baking obsession. (except when baking with rancid oil. don't make me go there again - please. :^)