Monday, September 27, 2010

why to get balloons at c.c.'s pizza.

because, i have crazy friends.
who like to get balloons from c.c.'s pizza.
and then devour the helium.
and sing crazy songs.



Joanna said...

So hilarious! My mom is kinda scared of inhaling helium, otherwise I would try it. :-)

Beth said...

Ha, did this a few years ago- lots of fun. :D Probably not a good idea to inhale too much but it's a lot of fun! ;)

Alexandra said...

I did that when I graduated in 2006...we had a huge helium balloon arch, and so when we were taking everything down that night, my siblings and best friend and I inhaled all of the balloons! Too much fun. And the video is so hilarious. Someone needs to do "Phantom on Helium." ;-)

SisterlyLove said...

That is awesome. Looks like you geeks..I mean GIRLS had a great time. ;) Love it.
Love the scene in My Best Friends Wedding when those boys are breathing helium. Ha!

I love that song you are singing in the beginning. That is a hilarious Muppet skit!!