Sunday, October 24, 2010

i wish.

i wish that texas would realize october is supposed to be a cold month. the rainy day yesterday sure tricked me into thinking fall had finally come.

i wish i wouldn't wait until sunday night to do all my homework for the week. silly me.

i wish i owned a yellow skirt.

i wish i had a metal-less mouth. (go away braces) waiting. waiting until december.

i wish i wasn't tempted to eat a whole bowl of cookie dough when i'm making cookies. because then i wouldn't think about how much better the cookie dough tasted before they were cooked.

i wish i knew how to carve a pumpkin. i've never carved a pumpkin in my whole entire existence. this just isn't right.

i wish driving didn't scare me so bad. taking the driver's test soon. pray for me. please.

i wish days were longer.

and...i wish tomorrow was not monday.

what do you wish?


Anna Olivia said...

I wish. . .gah, so many things. So many that your post as inspired me to do a similar post of my own. ;) <3

Little Ladybug said...


I will be praying for you about your diver's test. I am working on getting my license as well and I know how hard it can be. But all it takes is practice.

I will be praying for you. I hope that you will pray for me too. I would love to get my license soon!

By the way about the cookie dough I know where you are coming from. I LOVE cookie dough too. :P

HMMM... That sounds good.


Hannah Elizabeth..

Lindsey said...

I wish almost every single one of those things too, except:

I don't live in Texas, and where I am you can tell it's fall.

I did carve a pumpkin once, but not well and it was forever ago.

I already have my driver's license.

Other than those three things our wishlists are very similar.

SisterlyLove said...

Hmmm... I wish, I wish.. I wish I had a castle right now.. I wouldn't need it ALL the time, just once in a while.

When I got my license, it was during spring break and there were no openings in my town, which is quite a big one for learning to drive in. So I took the test in a very small town close by. It was one of the best things that ever happened! No traffic, no round-abouts, no one way streets... it was great. =]

You'll do awesome. =]