Sunday, October 17, 2010

oh, driver's ed.

dear driver's ed,
you must really hate me.
because if you didn't, you wouldn't have seen fit for the rules to change just in the middle of my schooling.
you would always make sense.
you would have thought to tell me i needed TEN nighttime driving hours.

but it was very dear of you to tell me how far my pelvis would move in a 31mph crash.
i always wondered!

and it was rather sweet of you to ensure a correct answer by giving me two answer choices...
that both said false.

i really won't miss the scary pictures of frostbitten hands.
and the videos of car crashes.
even though i know you were just trying to warn me of the dangers.

thank you for your pains you took to school me in the proper techniques of operating a mechanical vehicle.
but 7 more hours of driving...
and i shall never think of you again.

thank you.
and goodbye.

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