Saturday, October 2, 2010

oh i'm in love...with chick-fil-a.

because it's one of the best places on earth.

have you seen the tim hawkins video about chick-fil-a?
it's pretty much hilarious.
and i hum it everytime mom and dad are trying to figure out where to eat out.
just as a little hint.


Anonymous said...

That is sooo funny! Thanks for sharing. =)

Hannah said...

Yes, I have seen the chick-fil-a video...I've actually seen it done LIVE by Tim Hawkins! :)

~Miss Grace~

marvelousme said...

Oh, my word!! I love Tim Hawkins and I love the Chick-fil-A song! I actually got to see Tim in Concert this past april. I laughed so much I hurt.


Beth said...

Haha yes he hilarious. :D I sing it every once in a while myself. lol I got to see him in Cincy this year. :)