Friday, October 15, 2010

wittle theatre update.

welp. i haven't really been talking about theatre to terribly much lately.
but. just as a wittle bitty update...

best christmas pageant ever:

we have a lovely little cast.
some very crazy, hilarious, amazing people.
that i love very muchly.

 the performances are the first weekend of december!
so it's coming up very quickly.
we will also be performing at different churches.
which is new. but a great outreach.
so that's all very exciting.

the velveteen rabbit:

and then the drama jr. production.
oh how i love these adorable kids.
auditions were last week...and it was so neat to see such talent!
i am just thrilled about the endless possibilities! :)

so there you go.
to stay updated visit/follow the drama group blog!

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