Saturday, November 13, 2010

lovely, lovely saturday.

eventful day. 
i got yellow tights, leg warmers, and moccasins (all of which i have been absolutely LONGING for). 
plus DROVE to fort worth. 
plus found an amazing piece of furniture for the upstairs sewing room. 
plus had a giant hamburger. 
plus took a little trip to africa (aka cabella's) just to see the elephants.
AND finishing up the day with some hot mint tea curled up watching amazing grace. 
it's been a good one.

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Anna Olivia said...

I love good days like this! =)

Btw, when are you going to see the cinema screening of the 25th Ann. concert? You must put a post about that afterward, just for your fellow Les-Miz friends who follow your blog. ;) I shall comment all over it. j/k!