Thursday, November 18, 2010

a memorable evening. oh my.

we entered the theatre.
clutching our tickets.
walking calmly...but in our hearts, we were running.
we found some seats.
got a refreshment.
and waited with baited breath.

the lights dimmed.
the crowd hushed.
the music began.
we looked at each other and squealed.
the intro gave us chills.

at the end of each song we wore big goofy grins.
we wished to sing along.
sometimes we did.

by intermission...our hearts were on fire!
act two was even better.
if that is possible.
and by curtain call...we were weeping.
so beautiful.

we thought it was over.
but then the original cast came out.
the four valjeans sang bring him home.
in perfect harmony.
there wasn't a dry eye.

and when they sang one day more.
we sang too.
and at the end...even though we were only in a movie theatre.
we clapped.
and clapped.
wiped away our tears.
and exited the movie theatre.
singing at the top of our lungs.

les miserables 25th anniversary concert.


Michaela said...

Eeeeeeek! o.O I would have SO loved to have seen it! o.O My sister and I are debating whether or not we should buy the DVD when it comes out in the US. Is it worth it?? Huh, huh? ;)

Ok. So what did you think of Nick J? I've seen lots of snippets from the concerts, and I personally thought he was awful. But anyway. ;) Give us MORE feedback, oh lucky one! ^_^

rebecca jane said...

I sent Anna a long detailed message on HSA. All about my opinion of the cast, etc. ;)

Anna Olivia said...

this is all marvelous. =) I was so hyped-up to get your message! Will be replying soon!!!

Susannah said...

I am SO glad someone else went an saw it, because we saw it last night it was SO AMAZING!!! It wasn't perfect, but it was desperately beautiful. I want to know all of your opinions on the cast! And Anna Olivia and Michaela HAVE to see it.

Michaela said...

I actually have seen most of it - through youtube. ;) Not professionally filmed (however I have seen a couple clips right from the DVD.) But anyway. ;) The whole concert is on youtube.

I just can't begin to imagine how incredible it must have been on the big screen! o.O

Personally I don't like the fellow, Alfie Boe, (sp?) who played Valjean AT ALL. ;) He's really good as an opera singer, but is no way Valjean. :-/ Ramin Karimloo (he's AMAZING) and Katie Hall were my favorites. :) :)

Michaela said...

...we follow Les Miz very closely on Facebook and Twitter. ;) Really, really neat stuff on there! If your on fb, fan the page!

Susannah said...

I didn't like Valjean at all, really. I didn't think he looked right, and I didn't like his voice. But Jalvert, Cosette, Eponine, and Enjolras (!!) were all absolutely amazing.

Lydia Covey said...

OOh Rebecca!! That sounds amazing.... I would love to go see it.
Though I've seen Les Miz live... twice. And it was utterly amazingly beautiful. And I am not sure anything could get better than seeing it live :D. I clearly remember both time leaving the theaters and singing... loudly :P

Oh, and your outfit is adorable, as are you.

Patrizia said...

My girls, Michaela & Anna drive me crazy with this Les Miz stuff!!!!! They actually bought tickets for all 3 of us for April to see the play here. Which is touring & making it to Cleveland.

Happy you enjoyed yourselves. I do have an issue with Nick J. & Alfie. Alfie is an Opera singer, Val Jon is not :) I think he does the character from the book an injustice. IMHO

Nick J. is a very weak & Im surprised they cast him in this particular part.

Michaela said...

haha, yep! :) We actually bought our mom a ticket. ;) Umm...Les Miz touring? (its the Westend production with an American cast.) We NEED to go. I *can't* wait. ^_^