Tuesday, November 30, 2010

owls, giraffes, and elephants...oh my!

for christmas this year i made stuffed animals for my niece and nephews.
it was a longer process than i had intended...but the result was oh-so-marvelous.
baby piper got the owl. the owl was my favorite.
not just because it was the easiest to make...but it was THE CUTEST!!!
i kind of wanted to keep it myself.

baby graham got a giraffe.
it turned out really lovely.
and an extra special nice thing was that the fabric had a random fuzzy edge.
so i just cut it off and used it for the mane and tail.
nifty, huh?

and the zander got an elephant.
my favorite part is that the bottom of the legs have the patterned fabric.
the ears are really cute, too.
this elephant makes me smile real big.

and the best thing?? they loved them! such a fun gift to be able to give.
happy early christmas!

p.s. i feel like christmas is over because of the early gift exchange with the sibs. this needs to change.


Anna said...

gorgious! I like the giraffe the best...so cute ;o)

Kristin said...

They are adorable (and very vintage looking)! I made my cousin's little girl a stuffed puppy last Christmas, and it was so much fun. :)