Thursday, November 11, 2010

a very crafty mood.

I got really crafty-ish feeling today.
and brainstorming-ish.
so I got out my hot glue gun.
some pages from an old book that I'd taken apart.
and got to cutting and glueing.

I'm thinking this'll look great on Christmas cards or something.
whadya think?


Sereina said...

Oh, that's so creative! I agree, it would look great on a card.

Atlanta said...

Ooh! I like. You should glue it to the front of a sketch book or something....and I think a smaller little flower like that would look really cool on a headband too! fun idea.

Amber Noella said...

It's perfect! so inspiring.

Miss Ryleigh said...

So I'm totally not going through your past posts... *wink wink*... ahem but I saw this and felt the need to apologize. ;D