Saturday, December 11, 2010

5 happy things! :o)

and weeeeeeelcome to another posting of...


today i've got some really awesome things to share with my lovely buddies (that's you!)

who went to see VODT opening day?!?!
i did. that's right.
i'm not going into a big spill about how different it was from the book.
we all knew that was gonna happen.
i just sat back and enjoyed a really awesome movie.

 scarves and gloves are favorite.
i know i sound like a broken record.
but seriously...they're the best.
i love winter.

how perfect is this cottage?
if i wanted to have a little time to write and be alone...
this is where i would go.
can't you imagine being all curled up with hot chocolate and a good book here?
sigh. oh-so delightful.

i love colorful houses.
i'm not going to lie. they're so happy looking.
i want to live in a unique happy looking house...
it's going to happen.

if i ever worried about not being sure what crafty gift i guy would like...
i'm no longer worried.
this is pretty much the most ingenious crafty gift for guys...EVER.
and...for your convenience HERE is the tutorial.

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Annie (larkin) said...

I saw VDT on opening day! And like you, I chose to ignore the differences from the book and enjoy a thrilling and beautiful movie. I do not regret it.

As for your other four, I totally {heart} each one of them! Especially the scarf-it makes me warmer just looking at it.

In Christ,
Queen Lucy