Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 very happy things, indeed!

today is a happy day. along with the fact that i'm going antique shopping (WOOHOO!!)...
i'm wearing a hat today. for the first time. (except for winter kinds of hats)
we shall see if i'm still wearing it when we leave... ;)

and here are my FIVE HAPPY THINGS for the week...

this is officially my new favorite pictures. i just could look at it for hours!
the outfits are to die for. and the hair.
even though it's nothing uber special...it's just...lovely.

i don't know about you...but long socks and tights are my new love.
i wear them everyday. sometime i even wear long socks over my tights.
crazy. i know.

how cool is this tutorial?! if i were a paint-ist...(?)...then i would have this hanging.
i really really like it. and all the brushes would have yellow paint on them.
along with other super bright colors.

okay, old clocks are just the quaintest thing. i mean really!
hmmm...maybe now i know what to be looking for as i antique shop today...

this picture is just crazy cool.
i love those random pics that have crazy things out in the middle of nowhere.
in this instance, a silver tea pot and a typewriter. so. cool.